Al A'edoon
- 2022

1 Season
Average Episode Runtime - 45 Mins

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Al A'edoon
- 2022

1 Season
Average Episode Runtime - 45 Mins

Spy Drama
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The events revolve around the detection of conspiracies against the Egyptian government, through operations of the security services aimed at combating terrorist plans and protecting the country from terrorists who are in different countries.

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Amir Karara
Amir Karara
Amina Khalil
Amina Khalil
Mohamed Farag
Mohamed Farag
Hany Ramzy
Hany Ramzy
Mahmoud Abdelmoghni
Mahmoud Abdelmoghn...

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Season 1

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The events revolve around the detection of conspiracies against the Egyptian government, through operations of the security services aimed at combating terrorist plans and protecting the country from terrorists who are in different countries.

ISIS members command a citizen to kill his father after his other son snitched that he was attacking ISIS beliefs, and an unpleasant surprise for Abu Musab.
After the cover of Abu Musab is revealed, the leader of the terrorist group tries to offer him a deal that will save his life, and the intelligence services are preparing a plan to save him.
The latest events anger Kamal against the leader of the group, which leads him to conduct a comprehensive search for everyone related to Abu Musab, so the intelligence services are trying to get out of the area and achieve the impossible.
Sayyaf threatens to strike the intelligence services in Egypt, and tightens surveillance on all members of the group, and the intelligence services investigate the information sent by Abu Musab before he is martyred.
The intelligence services are trying to thwart a bombing operation in the courthouse, and the media question the credibility of the government. Alaa meets someone who makes him question the credibility of the owner of the channel he works for, and Kamal asks Sayyaf to overthrow the governor
The intelligence services are trying to find out the source of funding for ISIS, which leads them to a Tunisian girl named Sarah, whom he meets with another identity. The governor warns Sayyaf from Kamal.
Nabil decides to plant a new agent within the organization, and the death of Hussein still affects Omar decisions and Frank decides to get rid of Sarah.
Nadine continues to watch Alaa, then they have an idea to devise a plan to convince Alaa to shoot the movie in their studio.
Nabil decides to stop Alaa's recruitment in order to not risk Omar after knowing that Frank is Safwan. Kamal proposes a plan, but the governor objects and tells Sayyaf of his new goal. And the story of the mysterious girl that appeared in the previous episode is reveled.
Mohi investigates Alaa and tells him that he will be deported to Egypt if he refuses to reveal information about the channel he works on, but he refuses to do so. The governor asks one of his men to watch sayyaf.
Saiaf assassinates the governor by order from Kamal to take his place, then punishes Hind after her sister's escape. Omar meets Alaa with his true identity and assigns him a mission.
Omar tells Alaa his real mission is to go to the heart of ISIS, so he hesitates to accept. Sayyaf kills Hind's sister. Nabil knows that Safwan is looking for Omar so he asks him to come back.
Khaled threatens Safwan to cooperate with him against Kamal. The intelligence services prepare Alaa psychologically and physically for his mission, and Sayyaf accept Alaa to enter his land.
Kamal decides to replace Safwan after he starts to suspect him. So Safwan asks Khalid a huge sum and a pledge to protect him, then Alaa prepares to join the ranks of ISIS undercover.
Alaa joins the ranks of ISIS in disguise. Safwan tries to pressure Khaled to implement his demands, so Khaled sends pictures to Kamal exposing his wife's relationship with Safwan to force him to cooperate.
Kamal searches for Safwan, who has arrived in Egypt. Kamal warns Sayyaf that there are spies among them who have revealed their plans, but Sayyaf refuses to stop his plan.
Alaa begins his work in the media department of ISIS under surveillance. Kamal reassures Sayyaf of the survival of the organization, and prepares for the plan to transfer the fighters, not caring about the disappearance of Safwan.
The contact with Alaa is cut off after he sends pictures of ISIS fighters to Nadine. Sayyaf knows that Abu Bilal is a spy for Kamal, so he asks Kamal to kill him to prove their partnership.
Saiaf assigns Alaa the technical tasks that Abu Bilal was in charge of. Nizar tells Saiaf that he wants to marry Hind. Omar and Nadine embark on the mission, disguised as husband and wife.
Omar searches for the sniper who wants to assassinate the opposition leader. In the midst of not being believed by anyone due to the lack of any evidence.
Omar thwarts the assassination attempt and captures the sniper, angering Kamal's boss. Nizar asks Sayyaf to stay where he is so that he isn't away from Hind.
Nabil succeeds in thwarting Kamal's alternate plan after Safwan has told him about it. Saiaf visits Hind and Nizar, so Hind decides to take advantage of the situation and take revenge on him.
Hind feels guilty after Nizar's death. The fighters cross the border and the intelligence is able to find their location with the help of Alaa.
A young man is assigned to carry out an explosion in front of the Oncology Institute. Safwan tells (Nabil) about Sayyaf's new mission in Libya. Who informs Kamal that his goal is to establish the Islamic Caliphate, not money.
Saiaf is trying to raise the morale of the fighters after the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Alaa manages to send important photos to Omar. Saiaf arrives to Egypt without warning.
Saiaf asks to monitor Alaa after he begins to suspect him, while Alaa calls Omar to inform him the details of the upcoming terrorist operation.
Threats escalate between Omar and Saiaf. After that, Saiaf shoots Alaa, and turns out that he is preparing for another operation in Egypt.
Alaa overcomes the stage of danger and manages to draw the features of Saiaf. Ayman confesses on a plan for a terrorist attack related to the gas conference.
The Intelligence devises a plan to thwart targeting the gas station. Omar interrogates a terrorist and knows that Saiaf is wearing an explosive belt.
The intelligence services are looking for Saiaf in Egypt. Then Omar manages to find him and ride in the same bus with him. Omar asks Nadine to marry.

Shashah Review

A series inspired by a true story, taken from the Egyptian intelligence files that explain the secret operations of the Egyptian security, so it is from the same dramatic color as "Hajma Motada" series, but it is a completely separate story.

The story goes on one line without being distracted by other dramatic lines, which gave the series a strength point that lies in remembering the course of events, but at the same time it makes you feel the lengthening, especially with the slow pace in the dialogues.

Although there are a number of star actors, there is no real space to show their high skills, but the shooting angles and cadres and the use of new methods and ideas to implement the relatively few action scenes, which were filmed in Jordan and Bulgaria, were good within the limits of production capabilities.

In the end, the series is good and entertaining, deserves to be watched without raising expectations.