Al Maddah
- 2021

3 Seasons
Average Episode Runtime - 45 Mins

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Al Maddah
- 2021

3 Seasons
Average Episode Runtime - 45 Mins

Spiritual Thriller
6.2 IMDB --


Al-Madah is a pious and religious sheik, but after he encounters several problems that make him need money and turn from a good and beloved person into a bad one, he enters the field of magic and sorcery.

Created by

Amin Jamal



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Series cast

Hamada Helal
Hamada Helal
Saber Al madah
Ahmad Bedir
Ahmad Bedir
Khaled Sarhan
Khaled Sarhan
Hanan Suliman
Hanan Suliman
Heba Magdy
Heba Magdy
Sahar Al-Sayegh
Sahar Al-Sayegh
Haidy Refaat‎‏
Haidy Refaat‎‏

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The Legend of Love

Season overview

It seems that a new war between fairies and Al-Maddah is about to start, but what if Saber’s newborn child is a real threat to his father and others around?

Saber finds out that Amina has possessed while he was taking care of her. Manal is shocked after Hasan’s proposal to Ahlam.
Fairy Hind emerges to Saber and says, "your child is not yours but ours!". Ahlam tells Saber that he must get rid of the child while the prince is telling him to travel because he needs to get his mind together.
The prince is warning Saber because of the fairies book he has burnt, after that, the Faries cause some troubles through their way. The prince is missing.
Saber thinks that something wrong is going on. Zain is out of prison and that's shocking for Rihab.
A fight between Rihab and Saber because she has fears around her child, while Ahlam is convincing Hasan to work with Haym, who manipulates Heba, and now his relationship with the fairies is crystal clear.
Haym is trying to convince Zain to work with him in order to take revenge from Saber, who has a strange sign on his hand that could be related to the fairies King.
The fairies warn Hamza from touching the fetus inside Amina’s womb, in the time she is in the cave to see Jamal.
It said that the strange sign on Saber’s hand will lead to an old pharaonic graveyard for a weapon like’s book, and it’s essential to defeat the fairies.
Taaj and Saber have found a plan in the cave while Rihab is fighting Saber after she saw him with Taaj.
Saber finds that Jamal has been possessed by fairies. Ebrahim informs Saber that the plan he has is pharaonic, and it will lead him to the book.
Rihab’s fears around her child lead her to ask Saber divorce. Heba has killed Afaf when she was supposed to kill Saber.
The prince emerges, he ensures Saber that the child doesn't belong to him and forces him to collaborate with the fairies in order to be free.
Rihab runs away secretly with her child to Ahlam. Ebrahim tells Saber not to believe the prince. Saber is in confusion.
Rihab finds that the apartment she lives in belongs to Ezz. Hind orders Haym to control the people around Saber.
Saber is facing Ezz and Ahlam for they are hiding Rihab. Ebrahim and Saber are decoding the book.
Saber avoids meeting Taaj and hides Amina in his father’s house behind Hamzah. Rihab accepts Zain’s help to cure her sick child.
Hind is trying to manipulate Saber by telling him that he can defeat the fairies if he gets rid of the fetus.
It was all inside Rihab’s dream. Essam tells Saber about Haym’s desire to meet with him while Ebrahim is almost finishing the work on the map.
Taaj is telling Emad that she is in love with Saber, who has been fighting Ahlam for she caused the incident between him and Rihab.
Ahlam knew that Manal has tried to poison her, so she did an act of magic against her. Saber is facing Emad while Safaa refuses Amina’s departure with Saleem.
Ammar is killed instead of Hasan by Ayman as a sacrifice to the fairies, so they open the graveyard. The prince is inciting Saber against Ebrahim.
Ahlam ordered Manal to incite Saber against Rihab who had hidden the crime scene of the murder that Hasan was involved in.
Esaam is telling Saber that he does not trust The prince, especially after his relationship with Haym. Rihab quarrels with Saber after she has heard him telling Taaj that he is attracted to her.
The prince is giving Saber a medicine for abortion, but Amina has her doubts, that’s why she ran away with Jamal.
Rihab is getting through a nervous breakdown because that her child was kidnapped after Saber and Amina’s plan to take the child, while Saber is trying to find disappeared Taaj.
Saber convinces Rihab that she was dreaming, so she asks Ahlam the meaning of the dream. Emad is challenging Hind and helps Saber.
Al Amir has to kill Amina or his son, because Haym may hurt his daughter if he doesn't.
The prince asks Saber to help his possessed daughter, as like as Rihab, who could be possessed too. Saber finds out that Taj is a real fairy.
Haym asks Saber to lead him to the graveyard, and Taj tells him about her help. Haym kills Ayman.
Saber is taking Amina and Ezz to saint. Katrine because Ebrahim has told him that the sign is there.

The Legend of the Valley

Season overview

Saber Al-Maddah returns in a new season in which he has many strange dreams that come true in reality, which leads him to get involved in new frightening wars against the jinn.

Saber wakes up to a nightmare that disturbs his comfort, and his brother's wife suffers from a health problem, as a result of which she enters the hospital, then Saber goes to a haunted house, but soon something happens that frightens him greatly. And an unfortunate event happens at Ezz's wedding.
Saber doubts Abu al-Khair's goals and threatens him. Manal searches for solutions in order to become pregnant, and Saber decides to travel and on his way he has a strange dream only to wake up to even a more strange reality.
Saber meets the sheikh he used to see in his dreams, then he meets the girl he also saw in his dream, so he asks Jamila to take him to her to save her.
Saber has a vision in Wadi El-Gamal about the girl Badur and what caused her the hurt, only to be surprised by an unexpected thing, while Manal continues her attempts to have a successful pregnancy.
Rehab meets her father, who advises her to finish what she started. Saber tries to rid Bodour of the demonic possession, then solves a new mystery he saw in his dreams.
Sohaila tries to retake the exam that she missed, and Safaa knows that Salam is not Saber's real father. Saber succeeds in freeing a young girl from a demonic possession, then Jamila is arrested for assaulting one of Munir's men.
Saber threatens Munir to sabotage his project if he does not free Jamila from jail, and Saber goes to Abu al-Khair to get her out, then sees a new difficult vision.
Mounir suspects Rehab and Saber's relationship, then quarrels with them, and a surprising thing happens to him that causes Saber many problems.
Abu al-Khair doubts Saber regarding the case of killing Munir,. Abd al-Rahman has a vision, during which he knows who burned his face. It turns out that Munir transferred all his property to Rehab, so Saber doubts her relate to his murder.
Saber loses control of himself after the genie appears to him in prison. The truth about who killed Munir is revealed. Saber goes to Adel's house, but his mother tells him that he has died.
Saber knows that Adel is still in prison for attempted murder. Abbas tries to implicate Hassan and give him narcotics. Rehab agrees on Abu al-Khair's partnership , and Abdel Rahman tells Saber the reason of the disturbing events that occurred to him.
Saber discovers that his mother, Safaa, is possessed. Then everyone suspects that Heba caused that to her, so Afaf asks for a DNA analysis to confirm her identity.
Saber discovers that Heba has left the house, then asks Abu al-Khair to show him who is good at dealing with the jinn, so Emad takes him to a man who tells him something that frightens him.
The connection between Emad and Al jinn is reveled. Saber repels Rehab again, and knows the location of Adel. Bassem informs Manal of his agreement with Hassan.
It becomes clear that Hassan knows the location of Heba and the he proposes marriage to her. Abu al-Khair tells Saber that there is a businesswoman named Malak who needs his help, but he is shocked when he meets her.
Malik offers Saber help, but he is still afraid because of the great similarity between her and Malika. Abdel Razek steals the books that Hassan uses to make his compositions.
Saber meets Adel, who denies knowing him, then goes to Zuhair, who tells him about the meaning of the signs he is seeing. Manal goes to tell Hassan about her pregnancy, but she is shocked to see him with Heba.
Manal tells Hassan about her pregnancy. Rehab tells Saber that she suspects Malak and confesses her love to him. Saber is surprised by Malak in his house. Malak tries to get close to Jamila.
Safaa's condition is improving after she is given the medicines that Malak brought. Heba breaks up with Hassan. Rehab receives a threatening letter.
Malak asks Rehab to convince Saber to sell his land. Jamila repels Abd al-Rahman's attempts to fix things between them, then Abu al-Khair warns him of Malika's wrath if he continues to help Saber.
Abu al-Khair tries to convince Saber to sell the land to Malak. Abbas continues to incite Hassan. Hamdi proposes marriage to Suhaila. Rehab tells Saber the truth about Munir's murder.
Malak promises Hassan to return the agency to him. Saber agrees to sell the land to Malak, then knows the real reason behind her interest in it. Saber tells Rehab that her vision of her father is not true.
Saber finds Adel's body buried in his land and knows who killed him. Malak tells Rehab she knows she has killed Munir. Hasan puts a spell on Heba.
Malika attacks Abd al-Rahman. Rehab decides to leave the company and demands her share from her husband's inheritance. Saber informs Adel's mother of her son's death. It turns out that Emad is blackmailing Hamdi. Abu al-Khair hires Heba in the office.
Hamdi is expelled from the university for harassment. Abu al-Khair refuses to buy Rehab's share of the company. Saber finds the mark his father told him about.
Hamdi tells Suhaila what Imad asked him to do. Manal expels Hassan from the agency after knowing his desire to marry Heba. Malak threatens Rehab to report her for the murder of her husband Munir.
Manal suffers from something that threatens to abort the fetus. Hassan goes to check on her, but she asks him to save the fetus, even if it costs her life. Saber knows about Abu al-Khair's marriage to Heba.
Safaa's health condition deteriorates as a result of the influence of the jinn on her, then Malika commands Imad to kidnap her. Manal falls into a coma, after Hassan gives her a herbal drink with magic to treat her.
Saber knows that Emad kidnapped his mother, so he uses his friend Omar to find him. Then Zuhair tells Saber about the importance of the well in Wadi Al-Jin.
Saber finds the well in Wadi El-Jin with the help of camels. And it's time for the last confrontation between Saber and Malika.

Season 1

Season overview

Al-Madah is a pious and religious sheik, but after he encounters several problems that make him need money and turn from a good and beloved person into a bad one, he enters the field of magic and sorcery.

Saber wants to marry Rehab, but her father, Ghaleb, refuses.
Saber comes out of the cemetery and Ghalib agrees to his marriage to Rehab on the condition that he takes him to the location of the cemetery.
Police seize drugs in Saber's house and arrest Hassan.
Saber's videos are spread on social media.
Ezz confesses to Hassan that he put the bag and that it belongs to Zain.
Zain puts criminals in the isolation area to stab Hassan with a knife.
The police find Ghalib's body and discover that it was a natural death.
Manal asks to marry Saber, but he refuses.
Samir's lawyer exonerates Hassan from the case.
Manal asks Saber to stay away from Rehab.
Saber creates tension in the relationship between a businessman and Samir after discovering his involvement in a weaponry trade.
Saber discovers a murder that happened in the place of the gold a long time ago.
Safaa starts burning magic books, but Saber takes the rest and hides it.
Saber helps Hani find out who killed his assistant.
Saber tells Hani the name of the killer.
Saber gives two pieces of gold to Samir and takes half a million pounds from him.
Saber's gold is stolen from Emad's house, and Saber accuses Emad of the theft.
Saber reveals a secret to a businessman, and the man asks him to perform a magical act.
Saber asks Zain to keep Suhaila away from him.
Abdel Razek bargains with Saber with a video of him while escaping with the gold.
Salam kicks Saber out of the house after a verbal altercation between them because of Saber's work with Samir.
Saber performs a magical act that causes Zain and Rehab to hit each other viciously on their wedding night.
Saber chooses Hassan to be his right hand.
Zain agrees to Saber's marriage to Suhaila because of what Rehab has said.
Rehab exposes Saber's real mother, who is a dancer named Afaf, with the help of Ezz and Misbah.
Saber searches for Afaf, and refuses to marry Suhaila.
Misbah shows a woman in a video who says that she is Saber's mother and that he is the son of an unrighteous person.
Saber confronts Afaf peacefully and kicks her out of his palace after confirming Afaf's words.
After Salam dies, Ezz tells Safa that Salam does not want Saber at his funeral.
Saber hands Samir's gold to the police and he is acquitted of Ghaleb's murder.

Shashah Review

A thrilling Egyptian drama full of unexpected events within a spiritual framework and a touch of magic and sorcery.

The story is new and its details are controversial within many dramatic lines. Smooth fast transition between events, thanks to a balanced dialogue and the artist's Hammada Hilal mastery of psychological transformations. As we have witnessed The gradual changes in his character that carry internal contradictions and a big amount of justified good and evil, which compensates the miscast for some actors.

The same spirit of the series continues in the second season with a significant improvement in mystery, and the reliance on spirituality and sorcery. where despite the modesty of the visual effects, but Hamada Hilal managed and deservedly drawn the features of the unique and distinguished character of "Al-Madah".

Despite the modest budget, it is a good drama series that maintains an interesting fast events pace.