Ayno Al Theeb
- 2022

1 Season
Average Episode Runtime - 45 Mins

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Ayno Al Theeb
- 2022

1 Season
Average Episode Runtime - 45 Mins

Modest Story
4.9 IMDB --


Her habit is between two tribes, and there remains a long marriage between them, while Sama marries the son of the leader of the other tribe, but calm does not prevail much, as the deep grudges ignite again, so Smaber is angry to escape, and she meets Faris who owns her heart, to start a new story.

Created by

Jamal Al Saqer



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Series cast

Jamaan Al Rowiei
Jamaan Al Rowiei
Amal Mohammed
Amal Mohammed
Fatima Abd Alraheem
Fatima Abd Alrahee...
Dawood Hussein
Dawood Hussein
Ibrahim Al Zadjali
Ibrahim Al Zadjali
Ahmed Eissa
Ahmed Eissa

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Season 1

Season overview

Fares the child decides to avenge his father and decides to deal with the matter by killing, so his brother Theeb decides to avenge him by raiding the Madawi village and taking revenge on his brother Al-Nmr, and a great enmity arises between them.
Hamdan escapes with his wife and Fares, and Fahim disobeys Madawi's order to burn the entire Theeb tribe, and only burns his house.
The conflict continues between the two tribes, Theeb threatens to burn Madawi's house, and asks his wife to keep her sister's residence safe, and Theeb succeeds in entering Madawi's house and beating him.
Theeb overcomes the men of Madawi and escapes, and Fahim shoots him and injures him, and Theeb forces Ahmed to treat him, and Wdeha remembers clearly the death of her husband.
Theeb escapes from Ahmed's house before Fahim catches him, the years pass and Faris grows up, and the Almaha tries to dissuade Madawi son from war, and asks him to pardon the Theeb tribe.
Faris succeeds in defeating Theeb's men, Fahim invites Theeb to visit the Madawi tribe, and Theeb teaches Khalid a lesson he will not forget after an apparent reprimand for her relationship with Fahim.
Theeb locks Wadha in her house, Faris rescues Khaled, and Faris asks Madawi to stay in his village so he can take revenge on Theeb.
Madawi blames his daughter Sama for expelling Faris from the house, and Theeb collects the tribute from the people of the tribe, and he forces the people of Bani Jawhar to pay, and Khalfan agrees with him to convey the news of Bani Madawi to him.
Theeb agrees with Jawhar to cooperate against Madawi, and Wadha turns to Faris to protect her, and resides in the Madawi tribe after escaping from Theeb's oppression.
Theeb arrives in the village of Madawi, and agrees to make peace between them in exchange for his son's marriage to Madawi's daughter. Theeb asks his assistant to kill the shepherd, Faris.
Theeb decides to increase the royalty he collects from the people, Theeb attacks a Wadha house, and Theeb's assistant tries to kill Faris, but the latter escapes death.
Sama marries Diab Jabra, and on the night of the wedding Faris shoots Diab and escapes, and Theeb's men search for him. Theeb imprisoned Sama.
Theeb prevents Khazna from giving food to sama to die of starvation, and Jaber tells Madawi what happened to the Theeb tribe. Madawi is geting worried about his daughter and sends Fahim to ask about her, and Theeb decides to take Bin Jawhar as his right-hand man.
Jaber tells Wadeha that Theeb's men attacked Faheem, Sama manages to escape and Faris saves her from Theeb's guards, and Madawi gets seriously ill.
Madawi tries to gather his forces to save his daughter, Khalfan tells Theeb that Sama will not return to the tribe, and that Madawi is ready to attack him.
Bin Jawhar is chasing both Faris and Sama, at the same time the two continue on their way to the Madawi tribe, and stay with an old people in there hut.
Fahim proposes to Madawi a marriage, and Faris and Sama are preparing to leave, and Umm Ali goes to the Madawi tribe until she returns with her sister Wadeha, and Jaber submits to the judge to ask for his daughter Najma to marry.
Theeb tells Ben Jawhar about the cause of the war between the tribes of Madawi and Theeb, and Madawi decides to attack and fight Theeb to return his daughter, and Jaber joins him.
Sama returns to her father's tribe and Faris shoots Bin Jawhar. Um Diab visits her sister Wadeha in Madawi tribe, and Sama asks Um Diab to divorce her from her son.
Khalfan falsely claims that there is a relationship between Faris and Sama and informs Madawi of this, so the latter orders to arrest him. Theeb captures Almaha and makes her serve in his house.
Najma takes Sama to her father's house, Fahim agrees to take Khaled to a doctor to treat Faris in prison and give him food, while Almaha puts a plan to deceive Theeb.
Khaled warns Fahim against putting Theeb's men in the midst of his men, and trying to poison Faris, but Fahim scolds Khalid for helping him smuggle Faris.
Theyab manages to walk again and recover from his injury, and Theeb feels tired after eating the food and suspects Almaha of poisoning him. Judge Ahmed brings the doctor to examine Sama's virginity, and decides to expel her from the house after the doctor says that she is not a virgin.
Sama searches for the key to the prison in her father's house to rescue Fares from prison. The judge tells his friend that Najma is not his daughter, but that he found her when she was a baby in front of the mosque. Theeb forces the witch Zarqa to guide him about the one who poisoned him.
Khazna confesses that she put poison in Theeb's food, so he orders to put her in prison and divorce her. Khalfan meets Al-Maha and bargains with her about knowing where the gold is in Deeb's house, otherwise he will expose her.
Al Maha leaves Theeb's house after Diab threatens her. Khalfan asks Theeb to agree to his marriage to Wadha, while Rashid asks Judge Ahmed to approve his marriage to his daughter Najma, and Um Sama leaves the house and returns to her family.
Khaled tries to break Khazna's captivity, but Theeb repels a decision to kill her, Faris beats the nurse to admit that she is falsely claiming Sama's virginity. Najma marries Rashid by force and insists on knowing the secret that Judge Ahmed is hiding from her.
Wadeha decides to take revenge on Theeb, and Sama returns to Madawi's house and refuses to tell him about the people of Fares. Fares tells Jaber where his father's treasure is. Theeb agrees with Khalfan to get rid of Almaha in exchange for his marriage to Wadeha.
The judge sentences Harith to death, and Jaber tries to persuade Fahim to cooperate with him against Madawi so that he leads the tribe, and Diab agrees with Sultan against his father, but Theeb reveals their scheme
Theeb expels his son Diab from the tribe, so he resorts to Madawi. Khalfan informs Madawi of Almaha's agreement with Theeb against him. Faris bribes Theeb's men and takes over the city, and marries Sama.

Shashah Review

The excitement start from the first episode, where the course of action flow in a beautiful dramatic way, supported by a good acting of the cast, headed by the actors Daoud Hussein and Muhammad Saqr, who in turn excelled in their roles, but the good acting did not overshadow the weak scenario and the weak composition of the characters. In many cases, we do not find justification for the characters and their decisions. Wrong or surprising and sometimes stupid. Despite the fact that the story of the series is repetitive and outdated, the great quality of the production, directing and good sounds made the story interesting. A good Emirati series, it would have been better if the small details were taken care of before the big ones.