Balagh Nehaay
- 2023

1 Season
Average Episode Runtime - 46 Mins

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Balagh Nehaay
- 2023

1 Season
Average Episode Runtime - 46 Mins

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In a dramatic context, the series sheds light on the time period from the seventies to the eighties of the last century, and monitors the features and developments witnessed by Kuwaiti society and the renaissance that took place in the country during that period.

Created by

Abd Almohsen Alrwdan



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Series cast

Hind Kamel
Hind Kamel
Abdelaziz El Haddad
Abdelaziz El Hadda...
Sahar Hussain
Sahar Hussain
Sara Al Anzi
Sara Al Anzi
Ebrahim Al Sheakhli
Ebrahim Al Sheakhl...

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Season overview

In a dramatic framework, the series sheds light on a specific era in the country's history.

Everyone is upset about Khaled's decision to marry Al-Anoud, especially his daughters. Unknown people shoot the officer Abd al Mohsen, in revenge for his arrest of the drug dealer Jarrah.
Abd al Mohsen is taken to the hospital in a serious condition, and Latifa fights with Al Anoud, and the latter believes that Latifa has bewitched her.
Abd al Mohsen wakes up from coma and regains his health. Journalist Abeer covers Abdul Mohsen's case.
The barber, Fawzi, tries to get close to Nuzha, Youssef returns from travel, and Najat tries to set up problems between Souad and her husband so that Abdul Mohsen will not approach her.
Jacob makes a shady deal with a business man, and Umm Abeer tries to convince her daughter to marry Yasser.
Fawzi asks Nuzha to decide on their relationship, either by marriage or moving away from her. Ghadeer becomes ill and Abd al Mohsen takes her to the hospital.
Sharif confesses to her sister Dalal her love for Ab al Mohsen, who beats his heart towards Nuzha, and at the same time, Abd al Latif admires Nuzha.
Fawzi resents Abd al Latif closeness on Nuzha, and Salah discovers that he is sterile, and Abd al Mohsen submits his resignation from the police force.
Mansieh blames her brother, Abeer's assistant, Yasser, for expelling her from Ruqayya's house. Abd al Latif asks Nuzha to quit working at Ruqayya's house.
Um Amjad asks Latifa to employ her son in Khaled's company, and Umm Nuzha dies in the hospital.
Abd al Mohsen warns Nuzha from Abd al Latif, and asks her to return to work at his mother's house. Nuzha gets Abd al Mohsen's letter, in which he confesses his love for Sharifa.
Abd al Mohsen refuses Masoud's return to Nagat again, and confesses his feelings for Nuzha.
Mariam informs Saleh of her pregnancy, at the time when the analysis confirmed his inability to conceive.
Khaled feels sad because he has no sons, and for the same reason Al-Anoud is sad because of her infertility, and Nuzha asks Ruqaya to live in the annex of the house with her sister.
Abd al Latif asks Ruqaya to fix the matter between Souad and Abd al Mohsen, and Niran agrees with Najat, forcing her to accuse Nuzha of theft.
Niran decides to tell Ruqaya of her agreement with Nagat to accuse Nuzha of theft to get rid of her. Abeer repels Yasser when he confesses his feelings for her.
Nuzha decides to lie about her travel to her country, Iraq, but she goes to Abd al Latif's house, and Ruqayya tries to persuade Abd al Mohsen to return Saad to him.
Niran returns to co-star with Shaheen. Fawzi is saddened by his mother's death, and Khaled agrees to marry his daughter Sharifa to Dahi.
Saleh remains suspicious of Maryam's pregnancy, Sharifa agrees to marry Dahi, and Abd al Latif secretly marries Nuzha.
Abeer mourns her mother's death, Sharifa marries Dahi, Youssef dies, and Saleh drowns Maryam in the sea.
Khaled receives condolences for his daughter Maryam, and Saleh finds out that he is not sterile. Nuzha asks Abd al latif to travel to Cairo.
Delusions take over Saleh and his psychological condition deteriorates, while Khaled asks Abu Faraj to support Dahi in the elections.
Amjad gets to know Dalal, and Fawzi finds out about Nuzha's marriage to Abd al Latif.
Umm Shaheen belittles her son in front of his colleagues in the theater, and Saleh is taken to the hospital for his bad psychological condition.
Niran apologizes for completing her role in Shaheen's play, and Sharifa integrates into the life of Dahi, who wins the elections.
Nuzha faces everyone in Abd al Latif's condolences, and Abd al Mohsen is surprised to transfer ownership of the villa in her name.
Nuzha offers Yasser to work for her, and Abeer begs her to help her with her work. Fawzi is released from prison after proving his innocence.
Fawzi meets Niran in the theater and tries to find out where Nuzha is. Mansieh tells Abeer that Fawzy has been released from prison.
Dalal marries Amjad and travels with him to Egypt. Niran becomes ill with cancer, and Nuzha accuses Yasser of theft.
Abd al Mohsen tells Fawzi of his desire to take revenge on Nuzha, and Najat gets angry when she knows of Abd al Mohsen and Souad's marriage and asks him to hand over her parents' inheritance, and Fawzi marries Niran.