Beit El Zoul
- 2021

1 Season
Average Episode Runtime - 45 Mins

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Beit El Zoul
- 2021

1 Season
Average Episode Runtime - 45 Mins

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This series follows Fajr and her mother as they face some ups and downs. While Fajr is a kind-hearted girl, her Mother Najeba is the opposite; she is a greedy woman. The two deal with many conflicts as they enter Abu Tarek's house.

Created by

Mona Al-Nawfali



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Series cast

Iman Alhusaini
Iman Alhusaini
Fahd Bassem
Fahd Bassem
Abdul Rahman Al-Aqel
Abdul Rahman Al-Aq...
Abdullah Al Talihi
Abdullah Al Talihi

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Season 1

Season overview

Fajr and her mother Najeba cause disturbance as they enter Abu Tarek's house as the problems they face arise.

Om Fajr robs Abu Tarek's store, so he reports her to the police, but when he meets her daughter Fajr, he drops the report.
Abu Tarek asks Om Fajr to marry her daughter secretly because he is already married, and when the owner of the house expels them, Tarek takes them to his villa and tells his first wife that Fajr is his friend's daughter.
Najeba tries to convince her daughter Fajr to agree on marrying Abu Tarek to secure her future. Alia accuses Najeba and her daughter of stealing her cell phone.
After Fajr agrees on marrying Abu Tarek, Arwa is surprised and she tries to find out the reason for the wealth that Fajr suddenly fell into.
Yacoub and Fajr get married. Later, Fajr and her mother are surprised by Arwa's visit to the villa.
Om Tarek discovers that Yacoub got married to Fajr, and she tells her son, Adel, and later she dies because of sadness.
Everyone is shocked by the death of Om Tarek, and Adel tells his father's friend that his mother has died, and the latter assures him that his father has married Fajr.
Arwa tries to get close to Adel in various ways. Alia quarrels with Fajr and her mother and kicks them out of the house. Adel reveals his father's marriage to his brothers.
Jacob decides to announce his marriage to Fajr. Yassin decides to divorce Alia, who has just given birth to her first child.
Fajr asks Yacoub to expel Adel from the house after his mother died. While Yassin is looking forward to Fajr and Yacoub's divorce so that he marries her.
Adel returns to the villa with his wife, Arwa, after spending their honeymoon. Fajr is surprised by how Yacoub treats her after he prevented her from completing her studies.
Arwa's mother starts to recover in the psychiatric clinic. Arwa gets upset about Alia's bad treatment of her, and the latter blames her brother Adel for marrying in the same way as his father did.
Alia physically assaults Najeba because she stole jewelry from her room. Later, Yacoub insists on taking Najeba to a psychiatrist for treatment.
Najeba reveals that Fajr is the daughter of Abdul Mohsen, Yacoub's friend. Later, Najeba joins Yassin in his plan to separate Yaqoub and Fajr.
Najeba agrees with Yassin to send Fajr's dress as a child to Abdul Mohsen. Adel discovers that Arwa has a brother who has just been released from prison after he watched her closely.
Adel invites Awad, Arwa's brother to stay in the villa with them, but Najeba refuses. Meanwhile, Tarek likes Njoud and tries to get close to her.
Tarek proposes to Njoud, but Fajr advises her not to accept. Arwa blames her brother for working as a driver for Yacoub's sons.
Najeba and Yassin blackmail Abdul Mohsen and ask for a large sum of money in exchange for giving him information about his daughter. Fajr threatens Yacoub with divorce and he suffers a stroke as a result.
Adel suggests to his brothers that Abdul Mohsen should manage his father's business. Arwa tells Adel that she needs an operation in order to have a baby.
Yassin agrees with Najeba to kidnap his son from Alia and demand a ransom. Arwa undergoes surgery in order to conceive children, but she gets a hysterectomy because she has a problem with her.
Arwa collapses after doctors removed her uterus and she kidnaps a child from the garden. It turns out that Najeba is not Fajr's real mother and that she kidnapped her as a child.
Fajr tries to find evidence that she is not Najeba's daughter but to no avail. Police arrest Arwa for kidnapping a child.
Fajr turns to Yassin to help her prove that Najeba is not her real mother. Njoud leaves the house because of Tarek's bad treatment.
Noura tells Fajr that she is not Najeba's daughter, that her daughter died when she was a baby, and that she kidnapped a child and raised her.
Tarek forces Njoud to come back home. Yassin tells Najeba that Fjer has discovered the truth and he confronts her with the fact that her real daughter has died as a baby.
Najeba reveals that she is the reason that her sister entered a psychiatric clinic. Later, Najeba threatens Yassin that if Fajr finds out that she is Abdul Mohsen's daughter, she will leave him.
Yassin gives Fajr tests that prove that Najeba is her real mother. Arwa and her mother escape from the mental hospital. Later, Arwa tries to kill her stepmother.
Yassin asks Najeba to kill Yacoub or try to separate them, but she refuses.
Tarek quarrels with Njoud and beats her, and she dies of her injuries. Adel asks Awad to save Tarek from prison, but Fajr threatens to report him to the police.
It turns out that Njoud's mother had taken a sum of money in exchange for her silence over her daughter's murder. Alia kicks Najeba out of the house. Later, Yassin tells Abdul Mohsen that Fajr is his daughter.