Ham Wshaha
- 2023

1 Season
Average Episode Runtime - Mins

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Ham Wshaha
- 2023

1 Season
Average Episode Runtime - Mins

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A light-hearted Bedouin comic work, which will be shown in Ramadan 2023, by the writer “Wafaa Bakr.”

Created by

Wafaa Bakr



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Series cast

Tareq Al Shawabkeh
Tareq Al Shawabkeh
Rinad Thalji
Rinad Thalji
Jameel Barahmeh
Jameel Barahmeh
Nariman Abdel Karim
Nariman Abdel Kari...
Abeer Essa
Abeer Essa
Mohammed Al Abadi
Mohammed Al Abadi

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Season overview

Hamm, who suffers from a mental problem that makes him live at the age of ten years, meets Shaha, who is seen by everyone as the cause of bad luck in the place, and there are comedic paradoxes between them in an attempt to marry in a mysterious way.

Shaha is seen as a cause of misfortune; she discovers the robbery of Badwan and Masrif for Capricorn. her father Asham beats them.
Merzouka asked Meshaal to search for someone to marry Shaha, and Sawan did not believe his son Ham, that there was someone crying for help in the well.
Ham imagines that the one who calls for help from the well is an animal. Sawan consults Mahtab because the Arab believe that Ham is the reason for their livelihood.
Arabs rush to live in Deira Sawan, and Al Naasa gives up killing Ham because she thinks Jean is serving him.
The well becomes famous for fulfilling wishes, and Radad is leaving his home to live next to Al Nassa.
Meshaal claims to the people of Al-Dirat that Shaha is a good person, then the news reaches Mualla. Monaouer claims to Ham that his name now is Ajeeb.
Nair advises Sawan to backfill the well, as Raddad returns to his real mother. Al Nasa asks the men to gather at Sawan's house to prove Raddad's lineage.
Al-Mualla decides to marry Shaha to Ham, and Al Nasa is surprised by the disappearance of the Sawan family.
Marzouka asks Shaha to impersonate Shahila to marry Ham who is ignorant of his truth.
The Sheikh is surprised by the disappearance of Shahila's cattle. Motaab believes that the bad luck is pursuing the Arab of Sheikh Sawan after Ham has left.
Marzouka is happy for Sawan's family visit, and Raddad likes Shahila, who impersonates Shaha right now.
Monauer discovers the disappearance of the rope, and Badwan discovers Marzouka's plan.
Samaan is sentenced to marry Wadha for causing her blindness, and Monauer loses memory.
Sawan discovers Ham’s disappearance and asks Raddad to search for him. Badwan steals Asham's money.
Monauer comes out of the well, he loses his memory again. Diaf claims to Monauer that there is someone who seeks to kill him, convincing him to disguise himself as a woman named Badour.
Motab has ordered to look for Than, and Badwan thinks of asking for a ransom from Sawan for Ham’s response. Shahila is thinking about revealing her secret to Radad.
Ham returns to his family and reveals to Asham the whereabouts of his lost livestock.
The people of Arab Sawan believe the myth of Hammam well, which is transferring a man into a woman. Nair admits to a Mnaouer that he was the one who hit him on the head.
Radwa stays with her husband, Tahan, until he regains his mind, and the innocence of Munauer appears from the murder of Diyaf's father.
Nair and Mitab are planning to expose the well’s truth to the Arab. Marzoka discovers that Ham has a really good luck, and decides to complete his marriage to Shaha.
Tahan confesses to Radwa that he has lost his mind and condemns her to search for a wife. The Arab ask the well to return the absent.
Asham travels to Arab Sawan to make sure of Haam's good luck, and Al-Mualla admits something to Al Nasa.
Sawan divorces his wife after she confesses to Raddad's lineage, and Shahila was surprised by the rush of Arab people to Shaha's house to examine them.
Sawan decides to marry Al Nasa, and Asham saves Majid's cattle from being stolen.
Al-Mualla is surprised by Sawan's intention to marry Al Nasa, at the time Asham and Marzouka arrive at Deira Sawan.
Shaha is thinking about buying cattle instead of the slaughtered ones, and Diaf is surprised that Munauer survives.
Tahan discovers Radwa's plan, and Nair shows the Arab the truth about the well, while Munauer regains his memory.
Munauer is ignorant of the release of his innocence judgement from the murder of Diyaf's father, and Radad frees Al-Mualla from the cave. Al Nasa kills Al Shayba man by mistake.
Badwan convinces his friend to steal Shaha cattle, while everyone is surprised by the appearance of the Al Nasa’s twin to testify that her sister lied about Radad's lineage.
Sawan reveals the secret of his marriage to sleepiness, and the sleepy escapes after revealing the lie of her claim of apostasy to her.
Shaha was nicknamed Sheikha after her destiny has been associated with the good luck, and Sawan is surprised that Ham’s destiny is associated with the bad luck.
Nair rules between Munawer, Diyaf, and Jubayr by reconciliation, and Shaha returns the stolen cattle to their owners after being freed from the captivity of Badwan.
Tahan and Radwa are separated, and Asham requires Ham's presence to start the wedding. Radwa is surprised by her pregnancy.
The people of the Arab are looking for Ham, not taking attention that he falls into the well, and Tahan and Radwa lose their memory.
Ham and Raddad are captured after betraying Masrif, and Asham agrees to the travel of Shaha and Shahila with Sawan to hold the marriage in their village.
Shahila refuses to hold her wedding to Raddad after he divorced her, because he wants to be free. Asham returns to normal after the herb effect disappears.
Al Nasa falls into the well, and everyone imagines her death. Sirhan fails his attempt to kill Monauer.
Asham is forced to take care of his cattle after the departure of his tribesmen, and Badwan fails his attempt to kidnap Shahila.
The people of Arab are waiting for Nair's judgment in the case of Munawer and Diyaf. Motab is surprised by Nair's disappearance.
Nair acquits Sirhan and Munawer, while Diaf is surprised by the accusation pointed to his mother for killing his father accidentally.
Nair proves to Diaf and Jubair that their mother killed their father by mistake, while Ham, Shaha, Al-Mualla, and Marzouka are still missing.
Diaf and Jubair fail the attempt to kill Asham. Nair pledges allegiance to Sawan. Raddad marries Shahila, and Ham marries Shaha.