Klh Blhob
- 2021

1 Season
Average Episode Runtime - 45 Mins

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Klh Blhob
- 2021

1 Season
Average Episode Runtime - 45 Mins

Chaotic Drama
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Dahab and her brother Sherbini work with the lawyer Subhi in fraud. Dahab's life is turned upside down when she marries Dr. Tariq and falls in love with him.

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Samer Al-Masry
Samer Al-Masry
Nour Kadry
Nour Kadry

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Season 1

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Dahab and her brother Sherbini work with the lawyer Subhi in fraud. Dahab's life is turned upside down when she marries Dr. Tariq and falls in love with him.

Dr. Tariq confesses his love for Elham and proposes to her. After their wedding, Elham tells Tariq that her ex-husband used to treat her as his daughter.
Attorney Subhi helps Dahab to get out of the police station. Later, Dahab and her brother plot to defraud a wealthy businessman.
Dahab deals with Subhi to defraud the businessman Hadi. Elham gives Sherbini a commission for selling the villa and handing over the contracts to Tariq.
Elham sues Tariq to return to the villa, which makes him very angry, so he goes to ask Subhi for help. Later Subhi suggests that Dahab should marry Tariq.
During her stay in the villa, Elham searches for the villa contract in Tariq's room but she cannot find it. While Tariq and Dahab get married.
Dahab and Sherbini accomplish the fraudulent of Hadi, and she objects to the way Subhi divided the money between them.
Elham and Dahab quarrel after the latter released the dogs. Subhi asks one of his men to enter Tariq's clinic.
Dahab discovers that Tariq is having an affair with another woman. Later, she pays off Sherbini's debts.
Tariq is upset when his sister, Kariman, decides to stay at his house. Dahab goes with Tariq to his veterinary clinic. Later, Dahab asks Subhi to help her get Tariq out of the police station.
After Tariq gets out of the police station, Dahab warns him not to trust Subhi. Ibrahim calls Subhi and asks him to get him out of prison, as they agreed.
Dahab returns the dogs to Tariq and as they're talking, he confesses his love for her and she asks him to marry her. Later, Sherbini gets angry at Dahab because of her love for Tariq. Elham asks Subhi for help.
Elham gets very upset after Tariq and Dahab held their wedding party in the villa, later she discovers that she is pregnant after she fainted in the hospital. Tariq and Dahab go to Subhi to find them a solution to this problem.
Subhi tries to convince Elham to return to the villa after discovering that she is pregnant. Later, Tariq and Dahab get upset about Elham's return to the villa. Kariman decides to go back home.
Subhi plans to gain Elham's trust in order to fix what Tariq did. Kariman tries to get close to Subhi and get information from him to help Tariq.
Dahab asks Subhi for help with her problem with Elham. Later, Dahab quarrels with Elham and she threatens her. Subhi offers Sherbini and Dahab a new fraud.
Dahab agrees to carry out the fraud with Subhi and Sherbini, only to discover later that the operation is a game Subhi has made to make sure that they're loyal to him.
Dahab gets upset at Tariq after seeing his attempts to get close to Elham again. Sherbini proposes to Tamara and he tells her that he loves her.
Dahab decides to buy a shop and start a business away from fraud. Shahd goes to Subhi and tells him that Ibrahim has decided to help Tariq. Elham refuses Tariq's attempt to get back to her again and asks him to stay away from her
Subhi tells Dahab that Kariman is not Tariq's sister, but she is his mistress. Tariq goes to a doctor to inquire about ways to abort Elham's baby.
Dahab confronts Tariq that Kariman is not his sister and later she leaves the villa and goes to her mother. Subhi tries to convince Sherbini to continue working with him in fraud. Kariman puts abortion pills and gives them to Elham's baby but she backs out at the last moment.
Tariq agrees with Subhi and Ibrahim to put abortion pills in Elham's drink. Later, Dahab helps Elham and takes her to the hospital.
Shahd finds pills in Ibrahim's closet and she discovers that he is behind Elham's miscarriage. Subhi asks Dahab to take his side against Tariq and he tells her that Tariq was the one who asked Ibrahim to put abortion pills for Elham.
Dahab goes to Elham and tells her that she is pregnant and that Tariq is behind her miscarriage. Kariman warns Dahab of Tariq and tells her what he did to her before.
Elham asks Dahab to help her stop Tariq from taking over the villa and in taking revenge on him. It turns out that Shahd has been helping Tariq in deceiving her sister Elham from the start.
Tariq threatens Keriman and asks her to return the villa contracts to him. Shahd begs Subhi not to expose her betrayal of her sister, and it turns out that Tariq has manipulated Shahd as well and he has promised to marry her.
Tariq asks Sherbini to help him register the villa contract, but he refuses. Kariman asks Elham to forgive her and she tells her that Tariq has previously caused her a miscarriage too.
Dahab reconciles with her mother, Nahid, after learning that she is pregnant from Tariq. Ibrahim breaks down after Subhi showed him the video in which Shahd confesses that she is conspiring with Tariq and he tells Elham of her sister's betrayal.
Subhi helps Ibrahim after he murdered his wife Shahd by setting up the murder to Tariq. After she learns that Ibrahim and Subhi are behind her sister's death, Elham goes to Subhi and she threatens him.
Ibrahim is released, and Tariq is later arrested by the police on the charge of killing Shahd. Sherbini asks Subhi to give him money to pay off his gambling debts.
Subhi gives Dahab the contracts, but she threatens him with his fraud recordings and she asks him to stay away from her. After a while, Dahab gives birth to a girl and decides to raise her alone after she got divorced from Tariq.

Shashah Review

The events revolve in a social dramatic framework about intertwining marital relations with malicious interests.

The series begins with a quick start, and as the events become interesting, the problems between characters are reflected in the last episodes, which led to shortening some events that remained incomplete. As for the acting performance, it varied between acceptable and good.

An Egyptian social drama with a good story, but with scattered events that could have been invested better.