Luebat Al aintiqam
- 2021

1 Season
Average Episode Runtime - 45 Mins

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Luebat Al aintiqam
- 2021

1 Season
Average Episode Runtime - 45 Mins

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The series follows the story of the successful girl, Aroub, who angers everyone around her because of her success and her love to help people, which leads to her falling into many problems. Will her good triumph over their evil?

Created by

nurana aldaeja



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Series cast

Muhammad Al Majali
Muhammad Al Majali
Ola Mada'een
Ola Mada'een
Abir Issa
Abir Issa
Monzer Khalil
Monzer Khalil

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Season overview

The events of the series begin with Aroub, the new candidate for the presidency of a contracting company, being attacked by unknown men and threatened to withdraw her candidacy. After that, Aroub begins to face great challenges on her way to revenge.

Because of her candidacy to head the company's management and her determination to bring justice to the people of the village, the lawyer Aroub gets attacked by unknown gunmen.
Laith shoots Aroub's horse, trying to frighten her. Salma sees her and tells her family right away. Later, Arroub prepares a plan to build a hospital in the village.
Aroub travels with her brother Shehab to Amman in order to be close to the company's headquarters. Hassan breaks down after Aroub's winning in the board of directors elections.
Because of his hatred for Aroub after she got appointed as the head of directors, Hassan frames a charge of drug dealing for her and Shehab. The police later go and arrest Shehab after searching his house.
Hassan reprimands the chief editor for publishing an apology to Aroub. Shehab gets shot in the eye. Nevin asks Salwa and Marwa to work with her in an illegal business.
Nader gets into an accident while he's drunk and be taken to the hospital. Salwa threatens Zuhair to report him to the police.
Marwa and Salwa plan to lure Shehab and Muhannad to their apartment, and Marwa yells, claiming that they tried to harass her. Hassan gets angry about what Marwa did to Muhannad and forces her to waive her complaint.
Aroub asks Maram to bring her the file that condemns Hassan. Laith turns to the lawyer Imad to transfer his father's property to his name, only to discover that his father has registered all his property in his missing brother's name.
Zuhair stabs Aroub and steals the file that condemns Hassan from her bag, and she is taken to the hospital immediately. Hassan is worried that Aroub has another copy of the file.
Aroub starts her plan to build a hospital in the village. Later, Hassan gets arrested after Aroub hands the file over to the police.
Laith starts searching for his missing brother in Amman. Later, Hassan's trial begins and Imad takes up his case.
After Imad refused to be with her, Lana runs away from the house and Imad searches for her everywhere. It turns out that Nader works in drug dealing to provide for his brother Muhannad's school fees.
Nawras is arrested for investigation in the murder of his brother Safi. Aroub reports her brother's kidnapping. It turns out that Om Laith was the one who falsely accused Shehab.
Lana chases Imad and clashes with Aroub. It turns out that Raafat, with whom Nader works in drug smuggling, is a police chief who is working undercover to uncover the head of the gang.
Nader asks Raafat to escape and tells him that Samir has asked to kill him. The police arrest Althaalab and his men. Muhannad collapses due to the death of his brother Nader.
Laith sets Salma's house on fire, and her father dies because of it. After Salma attempts suicide, Marwa begins looking for a job to cover Salwa's treatment costs.
Zuhair threatens Salwa and asks her to try manipulating Shehab. Aroub was able to prove Imad's innocence in what happened with Laith's mother.
Imad is released from prison after Aroub managed to convince Wejdan to drop the complaint. Police arrest Zuhair after he kidnapped Shehab and stabbed Marwa.
Imad tells Shehab that he refused to be with Lana because she suffers from a mental illness and not because of Aroub. El Mukhtar turns Salma's damaged house into a place for her to work in.
Aroub asks Marwa and Salma to work with her. Laith tries to take revenge after Aroub and Imad got married.
Lana gets out of the mental hospital. Aroub finds out that she is pregnant and Imad gets very excited about this news. Later, Aroub gets into an accident plotted by Laith.
Mohanad tries to find Rawan after she got out of the mental hospital, but he does not find her. Laith tries to ruin Imad's relationship with Aroub's family. Later, Aroub gives birth to her first son.
Tayseer sets fire to Laith's shop. Nevin returns from abroad and Hassan gets out of prison.
The doctor confirms that Om Imad has Alzheimer's disease. Hassan asks Nevin to try ruining Imad and Aroub and get her hand on Laith's wealth.
Imad asks Aroub to take care of his mother. Hassan refuses his son Muhannad's marriage to Rawan because of her mental illness. Nevin manipulates Laith and takes his money.
Hassan asks Rawan to stay away from Muhannad. Aroub suspects that Laith is the one who kidnapped her son, even though he brought him home.
Nevin tries to avoid Laith after she took his money. Hassan gets angry about Muhannad and Rawan's marriage. Maram reveals to Imad the truth about Nevin.
Nevin asks Laith to cash the check he signed her when he was drunk and threatens to throw him in jail. Rawan discovers Nevin and Hassan's trick to set her up.
Imad tries to fix his relationship with Aroub after Maram tried to ruin it. Aroub and Shehab manage to free Maram from her two brothers' grip.
Laith stabs Nevin after she filed a police report for refusing to cash her the check. Laith clashes with Imad and the police arrest him. Aroub's father marries Mayson, and Aroub returns to Imad.