Manzel 12
- 2023

1 Season
Average Episode Runtime - Mins

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Manzel 12
- 2023

1 Season
Average Episode Runtime - Mins

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The story of the series House 12 revolves around a man who moves to house 12 to live in it because of his great loss in the Al-Manakh market.

Created by

Mouhammad Khaled Alnashmi



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Series cast

Fatema Al Hosni
Fatema Al Hosni
Buthaina Alraaesy
Buthaina Alraaesy
Ahmed El Onan
Ahmed El Onan
Abdel Mohsen Al Qaffas
Abdel Mohsen Al Qa...
Mohammed Al Ramadan
Mohammed Al Ramada...
Layali Dehrab
Layali Dehrab

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Season 1

Season overview

Her life takes another path after his son, Saker, died after a car accident. Munira, who is an extraordinary person who sees things from a different world. What are the impacts of her neighbor, Nadia, after she shows up again on her life?

Munira's son, Saker died after a car accident. Munira moves to the neighborhood, figuring out the abnormal things she sees.
Munira tells Mohammad that she saw a ghost of a person. Aum Hamdi warns Munira of Nadia.
It is clear that Munira used to see ghosts inside her house in the past, and these ghosts make her see the near future.
Aum Hamdi marries Abu Mobarak, and Mohammad is scolding Nadia, asking her to stay away from his life.
Nadia has always been throwing her magical spells over Mohammad and Munira, whose ghosts are back to appear.
Munira moved to the hospital. Haya's brother tells the police about Ahmad who harassed her. Munira refuses to go back home out of fear.
Nadia takes control over Munira by the power of her magic. Abdallah admits his love to Haya.
Mohammad is seeking the help of a sheikh for Nadia's magic aggression upon Munira. Dina lies to her husband, telling him that she can't give birth.
Nadia, using her magic skills, is trying to convince Mohammad to put Munira in a psychiatric hospital. Munira has figured out Nadia's plan.
Mohammad has moved Munira to a psychiatric hospital after Nadia thwarted Najiba’s attempts to pull the fairy out of Munira’s body.
Sultan wants to marry the maid in secret. Rabia’s husband is begging her to return after she leaves the house.
Rabia cheats on her husband. Mohammad marries Nadia, at the time Najiba and Aum Faisal discover her evil plans.
Munira is in the house; she knows now about the marriage of Mohammad and Nadia. Najiba could not wait to hit the maid revengefully.
Ahmad is asking Haya to marry him, while Abdallah is telling his mother his desire for marriage. Nadia and her aunt are cooking something bad.
It is clear that Rabia has cheated on her husband with Khaled. Munira hears the talk between Nadia and her aunt about Muhammad and Sultan's hidden treasure.
Hanaan, Munira’s daughter, is missing. Sultan tells Najiba the location of the treasure while he was drunk.
It is clear that Nadia and her aunt have tried to kill Hanaan after she heard their plans., but sultan finds that she is still alive.
Mohammad prisons Nadia after he discovered that her aunt has married to one of his servants. Haya has no choice but to marry Ahmad.
Haya insists to live with her mother after marriage, and Nadia manipulates Mohammad emotionally.
Munira is angry for Mohammad forgave Nadia, and she collaborates with Najiba and Sultan to kick Nadia out of the house.
Saoud has killed Dina mistakenly after she was threatening Rabia by exposing Khaled’s matter to others. Nadia is back to Munira, again.
Mohammad refuses Nadia’s request to register his house by her name. The police start the investigation in Dina’s murder.
Rabia is dead, and Khaled is blaming himself so bad. Barwin and Nadia are cooking evil plans to take over Mohammad’s house.
Abdallah divorces his wife and orders his mother to leave the house for he thinks that she is the bad egg there.
Nadia and Barwin are preparing themselves to look for the treasure in every corner of the house.
Munira reports Ahmad to the police, while Nadia is taking over her room. Obviously, Munira has already hidden the treasure in Kholod’s house.
Munira is hiding the gold, so Muhammad orders the children to leave the house. Najiba finds that Sultan had sold her house lately.
Barwin prisons Nadia, so Nadia threatens her by exposing to public that she had killed Saker. Haya is divorced.
Abdallah and Haya have a marriage agreement, but he did not because she still has feelings for Ahmad. The International police arrest Saoud.
Munira gives the gold to Sultan to pay his debts, at the time her family were invited to Najiba’s house. Nawal and Haya give babies, and Munira returns to her house.