Wlad Nas
- 2021

1 Season
Average Episode Runtime - 45 Mins

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Wlad Nas
- 2021

1 Season
Average Episode Runtime - 45 Mins

Realistic Drama
7.0 IMDB --


The series highlights the relationship between children and their parents and their influence on each other, and the importance of education in all of this.

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Hany Kamal



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Series cast

Ehab Fahmy
Ehab Fahmy
Biome Fouad
Biome Fouad
Nada Adel
Nada Adel
Ahmad Wafik
Ahmad Wafik

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Season 1

Season overview

The season highlights the relationship between children and their parents and their influence on each other, and the importance of education in all of this.

Yahya advises his friend Nabil to take more care of his daughter and give her more attention. The school bus crashes and many children are seriously injured.
The parents know about the dangerous incident of the school bus. Mays, the school principal, refuses to facilitate the payment of dues related to school expenses, which causes anger among the parents.
Security forces and police start investigating the school bus accident. Parents collapse watching their children entering the hospital for urgent operations.
Police investigations did not reach any conclusions regarding the identity of who caused the accident. The family Reassures their children in the hospital, and Sharif donates blood to one of the injured.
The doctor Reassure some of the parents about their children, and informs them of their detailed condition and what they have been exposed to as a result of the accident, and allows them to see them for a short period of time. The school administration is trying to hold together and defend the reputation of the school, which has become accused of neglecting students.
The doctor explains Zahra's condition to her family and informs them of the complications that occurred to their daughter after the accident. Al-Tamimi's nephew requests an interview with the hospital doctor Zaki as soon as possible.
The doctor goes to Rajab's parents and tells them that he had to make a difficult decision for the sake of their son's health. The parents fight with each other over the issue of filing a lawsuit against the school.
The school principal receives a phone call informing her that the forensic doctor conducted an examination of the bus driver and found out that the driver was not under the influence of any kind of drugs. Journalist Shawqi accused the school through his show.
The school principal sees Shawqy's program and gets angry at his criticism of the school, so she sends Shawqy a letter informing him that his son Basem has a connection to the accident.
Parents decide to file a lawsuit against the school because of the psychological and physical harm that occurred to the children, and they thank journalist Shawqi for the sincerity of his expressions on his program when he attacked the school.
Investigations show that some of the children who had the accident were under the influence of drugs. Shawqy accuses the bus driver and absolves the school of any responsibility.
Parents meet to agree on the case, then Ramadan quarrels with Amir. The police officer interrogates Sawsan about the accident and tells her that Naser was not guilty of the accident.
This episode reveals developments in the accident case and many accusations against students in their phase of the accident. Issa knows that his son had used drugs before the accident.
Many people try to deny their connection to the drug bag on the bus. Emad talks with his daughter and apologizes for being distracted from her.
Emad goes to his daughter affected by the conversation they had and tells her that he loves her and has many regrets. Issa threatens the school principal and tells her that he will break the partnership between them.
Lawyer Aadel meets the parents and tells them that he decided to drop the lawsuit against the school, and Issa takes his place to become the one responsible for the case. Issa receives the news of his friend's death by crying.
Yehya takes command of the lawsuit from Issa due to the bad psychological state of Issa. Issa goes to school to quarrel with the Arabic language school after she asks pupils to write an essay on death.
The Parents meet with each other and talk about the lessons learned from their children's accident, and they are all unanimous that they have learned a lot from the accident.
Issa goes into a depressed mood because of his guilt about his son attempting suicide. Shawqy gets into an intense argument with his wife because of the problem their son is facing.
Shawqy hosts the school principal, Mays, in an attempt from Mays to defend the school and not to blame the school, but Shawqy tries to set Mays up and criminalize her
Yahya discovers a new secret Through Karima. The officer tells Shawqy that Zahra has confirmed that the drug bag belongs to his son Basem.
Arowa knows that her husband the lawyer used to love the wife of his deceased friend, Adel, and she knew about this relationship, but she decided not to speak about it to protect her home and her family.
Arowa calls her husband Issa to give him the good news that their son has finally moved his hand. Issa meets the widow of his friend, Adel, to tell him a secret about his deceased friend.
Sawsan agrees with Shawqy's proposal regarding the drug bag. Nagwan uses a specialized company on social media to discredit the parents.
Issa fights with Hajj Ramadan and tells him that he is aware of all his old cases and of his love life full of women.
Yehya's wife knows that he has gone and met his ex-girlfriend, whom he loves. Sharif asks to meet his wife, Maryam, to discuss their son's future and to give him a second chance.
In a flashback scene, we discover that Yasser was a drug dealer. Sharif and Maryam return to their normal relationship and they decide to raise their child in a healthy and improved way.
Matters get worse between Yehya and his wife after learning of his betrayal. The police find Rajab and bring him home. After a long wait, Karam wakes from the coma.
The relationship between Yehia and Eman gets worse after she takes the children and leaves the house. Parents sit together, debate, and hold themselves accountable for the incorrect upbringing of their children.
Yehya and Issa are pleading in the accident case. Hajj Ramadan talks to his wife and asks her to forgive him and return to him. Parents start a new life full of understanding and awareness with their children.

Shashah Review

A realistic social series that talks about the social relationships between parents and children within an interesting distinctive way. The excitement starts right from the first episode, where the course of action flows in a dramatic, accelerating and surprising way, supported by a good acting and directing. Most of the shooting scenes were weak and did not depend on diversity. The series succeeded attracting a large number of the audience because it presented bold ideas, which are not discussed that much, the thing that made the series a watch destination for everyone. A very nice series with big doses of humanity that will make you rethink your thoughts and beliefs, recommended to watch.