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1 Season
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A dramatic series, consisting of three stories, each story revolves around fifteen episodes, and among those stories is the story of Wesh Talat, starring Hanan Mutawa.

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A dramatic series, consisting of three stories, each story revolves around fifteen episodes, and among those stories is the story of Wesh Talat, starring Hanan Mutawa.

Through the darkness of Alkanater prison, a policewoman came to tell doctor Salma about The Court Of Causation judgement with acquittal in the case of her husband’s murder, and that after she had been in prison for four years. Salma gets out of the prison’s gate to find Mohei, her ex-boyfriend, and her sister’s husband, waiting to drive her home. Salma has illuded that a group of men in a black car are following her, Mohei has calmed her down, then reached home and told Mohei not to tell anyone about that she had ideophrenia. Salma enters the house, starts checking it out, feels her daughter’s bed by her hand while suffering audio-visual hallucination and insecurity.
Salma finds a congratulation letter in the house, she takes a photo of the letter and sends it to Mohei to make sure that she is not imagining it. Mohei decides to make a working contract for Salma to work in the factory, and that makes Safaa so angry while the business man, Marwan is negotiating with Mr. Sameer for partnership in his new project about importing new medicines to Middle East, then he calls Rajab, asks him to observe Salma closely. Salma is remembering her past with her daughter, her husband’s betrayal with madam Nelly, and the time while she was studying Forensic, until reconnection with her reality to find a strange man, pointing a gun at her.
Marwan is pointing a gun to Salma, telling her about settling things between each other, Salma wakes up to find that it is all a nightmare, then she goes to take her daughter’s death certificate. Salma shows us a special memory about her husband relationship with Nelly, his suspension to practice medicine, transferring him to investigation because of his fatal medical error. Things are complicated between Mohei and Safaa while Salma is coming back home, to find the police there, for that Nelly had sent someone to the house to polarize Marwan to her.
Salma has undesirable visit to Aum Saleem’s house to ask about her daughter, Aum Saleem ensures her death, accusing Salma of killing her son, and kick her out. Back to the past with Salma’s Memories with her husband, her memory about a young girl whose filed a case against her fiancé Rami, whose raped her after she had broken up with him, and her past conflicts with Saleem, who had accused her of betrayal, saying that Nada is not his daughter in blood, threatening to kill Salma. The good policewoman from the first episode is visiting Salma, after Salma’s bad nightmare about visiting her husband grave.
Romantic memory between Salma and Saleem after the offer that Marwan has given to Saleem to work with him and Nelli at Marwan’s new hospital. Nelli gives Saleem the court impeach paper so to start to work illegally at the hospital. Marwan asks Salma to come to the hospital to find a dead patient after Saleem’s organ operation. Saleem is confusing, Salma is denying, and Marwan is pushing on them to find a way out. Salma decides to give the dead body to the Assembly doctor after that she has hidden the organ operation, changing the death reason to seem as epityphlon burst. Marwan asks Saleem to sign the dead patient's contract.
Present, Salma goes to ask her old friend Suhaila the archived DNA that belongs to her daughter, then leaves to her office. Muhie asks Salma to hand medical samples to him in his office, to find Nelli there, Nelli takes the samples and then leaves to meet Marwan. Back to the past, Salma goes to stay at her father’s house, shocked of what she did with the dead patient, then she goes to work on the crime scene that Rami left behind. Present, Salma asks Suhaila to come to her office, takes the DNA test, and gives Suhaila a piece of bone to test, while everybody are shocking, during Israa’s birthday party, after Marwan and Nelli interference.
Past, next day, Salma woke up sharing warm conversation with her father while Mr. Rajab and Mr. Sied are facing each other after Mr. Sied tries to have secret information from the secretary at the hospital. Events are accelerating with Rami’s case, Salma and Souhaila are back in the crime scene to rescan the crime scene , they found a corpse under the kitchen floor. Salma asked her coworker Souhaila to go upstairs to her house, they found Saleem cheating on her with Nille. Present, Salma goes to her office to check data, Salma’s sister accepts (Faiqa’s )invitation to her house, threatening to file a case against Salma for she looted her son’s grave.
Past, the true story behind the young girl who has planned with her father to kill her fiancé after she took money from him. Salma tells Salim that she is pregnant, and asks him divorce, telling him he is not good enough to be a father. Salma has a major rule in the Forensic Medicine Department, she is the one who discovers the whole crime, proves that the guy did not rape the young girl, but intentionally inserted by the young girl to be killed there.
Salim is trying to get even with Salam after he knew about the pregnancy, and that he is cheated on her, while Marwan and Nelli is talking about the hospital’s stolen information, which contain some of the illegal medicine cases about the organ transplants they practicing, he decides to close out all the hospital thing, to prevent suspicion.
Past, Marwan finds out the employee who has the hospital’s illegal information, Marwan kills him after he said that he gave the info to Salma. Salim still working in the hospital despite his promises to Salma, she came to him at the hospital, asking him divorce, experiencing labor pain, and giving birth to her first child. Marwan is trying to regain the stolen info from Salma who has them until present.
Past, during the party, Salma discovers that someone is observing her, because of a phone call she had from a guy who sent to her the video about the epityphlon burst operation. Nelli enters Salma’s house, gives her a drug to sleep, and takes photos for her with a stranger, naked, to threaten her, and to make Salim more suspicious. Marwan thinks that Salim is collaborating with Salma for keeping the stolen info, pointing a gun to him. Salma is innocent of cheating on Salim after the DNA test received.
Salim is trying to take revenge of Salma after he believed Nelli and Marwan fake cheating video, as Marwan and he sent the fake video to the head of forensic department, therefore, Salma quits her job. Salim is trying to put a drug in Salma’s cup of tea so he could be able to find the stolen info about the organs operations.
Present, Salma goes to see her sister, she tells her that her daughter is alive and that she did not cheat on her husband. Salma file a legal case against Marwan’s illegal hospital, the police start investigations, they caught the hospital’s assistant. Israa’s husband is a partner with Marwan. Past, medical tests show that Slama is using drugs. A fight between Salim and Salma because of Salim’s illusions about not being his daughter’s father.
Investigations continue around the organs transplant case while Salma is threatens Nelli, stabbing her in the stomach. Marwan and Rajab kidnap Salma to get the info back, Salma gives the papers, she gives Marwan the same drug he was giving to her. Suhaila is admonishing Salma for killing Salim, saying that he has written a very detailed text about the crime before it happened.
Everything is clear in this last episode of the first story “Third Face”. It was necessary for Salma to anesthetize Salim, then kill him, so she can meet her daughter and to recover from her mental state. Investigations continue around Samir Altahhan kidnapping issue, the police inspecting Marwan’s villa, they found Samir’s cellphone buried in the garden. The court session adjourned after twenty years prison judgement for both Marwan and Nelli.
This is the first episode from the second story which called “In The Metaverse”. Farida has a car accident, she and Mohab are getting prepared for their wedding day, Farida is meeting Akram, discussing Spa procedures and wedding preparation, he tells her that Hadi, Farida’s ex-husband is trying to call her for she reconsider all the marriage thing. Farida is shocked after a message from Mohab, telling her that he is not able to make it to the wedding.
Farida is still shocked for that he gave up with her the wedding night, until we see them later, confronting each other, she asks him divorce. Akram asks his son to change his decision about the girl he want to marry. Mohab calls Farida, explaining why he could not came to wedding while Akram is warning Farida of an upcoming problem.
All accounts in the tourist company that Farida owns had hacked by Mohab, he deleted all the contracts and pulled all the money which caused many problems between Farida and the bank. Hadi is very angry after he knew about what has happened to Farida. The persecution invited Farida on charges of smuggling because of the goods in the boat that belongs to her spa.
Farida has a fatal car accident, doctors says her situation is very bad. Past, Farida’s mother has cheated on her father, he had a health crisis, Hadi is processed to investigation because that the coast customs have found goods in one of the boats which was in his spa during overnight.
Farida is paralyzed after the fatal car accident, she woke up at the hospital bed while the doctor is telling her that she has been in a coma for three years. Hadi is surprised because of she woke up, she return to work at her spa, and her sister, Karma, tells her about the last developments in the spa management stuff, and about Hadi and Lylian upcoming marriage, and she asks Farida to treat her paralysis but she refuses.
Karma has a flashback, remembering situations with her fiancé, fighting each other. Lylian meets Farida and tells her she will marry Hadi. Farida has a flashback when she was with her father, he is telling her he has depression. Farida tells Akram the reason she tried to commit suicide.
Farida is trying to commit suicide again and Hadi tries to rescue her of drowning, Lylian feels guilty after Farida. Mohab goes to meet his ex-girlfriend in her husband’s house, and Hadi changes the wedding party location from the spa to another place to make it away from Farida.
Farida’s world goes upside down, she uses Metaverse device to live a virtual reality, she shows as a young girl with her father and his friend, and she finds herself in a lovely family, which opposite to the real world she lives in.
Karma is trying to help Farida with her depression while Lilian is asking Mohab to meet, she gives him a glasses to access the virtual reality. Farida starts psychological therapy then goes to her private world in the Metaverse.
Farida in her own place inside the Metaverse, many events from the past are happening there, such like her father being sick after he took a medicine, Karma’s master letter been approved. Farida is angry for she meets Mohab, he asks forgiveness and she gives him the chance to make his point.
Inside the Metaverse, a fight between Farida and Hadi after she knew that his father is behind her father’s sickness. Hadi is convincing Farida to start therapy. Lilian comes to invite Farida to her wedding with Hadi.
Lilian is trying to put suspicions between Farida and Hadi, she also fights with Hadi because of the way he is talking to her in front of Farid. The psychological therapist tells Farida to stop the psychological doses, Farida has a flashback, remembering the time she was marrying Hadi to make her father happy. Farida enters the Metaverse, it shows many proposals to Karma, but she is refusing them all.
Fariad is deeply surfing the past inside her private world in the Metaverse, it shows Karma while learning sewing from Lilian. Farida is blaming Akram for his decision to make her the chairman over the spa. Mounier had an illegal diamonds deal by a shipment starts moving during the wedding.
Farida discovers Mohab’s death, then Wael comes, trying to disturb the relationship between Karma and Adham. Akram finds out that the spa system had hacked, while Farida’s glasses that accesses her to the Metaverse are stolen by an enemy of her, to re-edit its programs.
Farida is suffering An inner psychological conflict as a result of using the Metaverse glasses, which pushing her to live a virtual reality without a way out. Lilian and Hadi are getting married and Farida is viewing the wedding from her balcony.

Shashah Review

Including two different mysterious stories, casting Hanan Metaweh, Abed Annani, Izzat Yazan, Norhan Faraj and directed by Mutaz Hussam.

Divided into two separated stories, the first one seems classical and tragic, called Third Face, revolves around Hanan who married a doctor who is hiding many secrets and falls in many troubles that affect Hanan tragically, she goes to prison and becomes mentally unstable until she goes out with revenge in her eyes. The catchiest element in this story is the dramatical structure, the rare way that the scenery organized which seems fragmented for the purpose of arousing the audiences critical thinking about what they are watching, the binary inputs of narration which gives you questions and answers, without a hint for which answer belongs to which question, manipulation of chronological order combined by scenery coloring shifts, and the realistic conclusion.
The second story, Metaverse, is unfortunately not that interesting like the first one, which seems good and pointful during the first few episodes, but concluded not very well or it is maybe foggy and unclear on purpose. For performance, we can see that Hanan Mutaweh has all the lights on her roles, the coloring is also clever as far as camera movement.

Powerful series, close to perfection, painted by tragic gray sensation and atmospheres, and certainly deserves viewing either you like this kind of drama or not, could be the best in Ramadan 2022.